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M-Tech - Sole UK Distributor for Racelogic VBOX Products and Distributor for Video VBOX and PerformanceBox

VBOX is a GPS based data acquisition system used for measuring speed, position, acceleration, braking distance, heading, slip angle, lap times, cornering forces and more of a moving vehicle.

Racelogic have developed the original VBOX into a multi faceted GPS based device to provide a performance measurement systems now used by most of the world's vehicle and tyre manufacturers and testing agencies plus a vast number of companies undertaking performance evaluation of cars, motorcycles, boats and almost anything that moves out-doors. Common testing applications include:

  • Brake testing – Using a brake pedal mounted trigger input, VB3iSL will measure braking distance to within ±1.8cm.
  • Performance testing – This unit is perfect for all variations of performance testing, the accuracy and quick response of the 100Hz unit gives very repeatable and accurate results.
  • Acceleration Testing – instantly view speed versus time & distance tables
  • Circuit testing – extract and analyse lap information
  • Dynamic Tests – Slip and pitch angles updated at 100Hz alongside speed, distance and acceleration
  • Steady State Cornering - Slip angle without any drift or correction over time
  • Trailer Angles – Measure relative angles between two fixed bodies (two systems needed)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Validation
  • Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS126) Testing
  • Drive By Noise Testing
  • Aquaplane Testing
  • Coastdown
  • Lane Change
  • Centreline Deviation
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Active Cruise Control
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Marine Testing

Due to the simple installation procedure and the small size, the VBOX can easily be fitted to cars, bikes, off-road vehicles and boats. With the ability to synchronise GPS with video, CAN and IMU data, VBox has become the recognised system for vehicle and tyre test departments worldwide as well as a diverse customer base including JCB and Caterpillar, Aston Martin and Ford as well as Formula One teams and the Police.

VBOX is designed and manufactured here in UK and have won no less than 3 Queens's Awards.

The Video VBox range offers both an advanced driver training aid and a useful parallel tool to work with VBOX on tests for lane control systems in modern vehicles and other tests where visual verification of the data is beneficial.

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